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Cool Backgrounds for Profile Pictures and More

Remove backgrounds automatically

Think removing backgrounds from photos is a fiddly task taking a lot of time and attention to detail? Even with the most professional software?

Guess what? Not anymore! With, anyone can remove the background of profile pictures or holiday photos in just 5 seconds, with a single click, 100% automatically. 

Add wonderful new backgrounds & splendid effects!

Unleash your creativity! Use as your profile picture background editor and place yourself on the beach, up Mount Everest, or right next to your favorite Hollywood actor - all with a few clicks.

Or apply effects to your photos and share them on social media, print them, or create a unique gift for a friend. It's that easy!

Stunning results

Whether you're cutting out selfies, or portrait shots, handles challenging edges (such as the notorious hair) exceptionally well. It’s the perfect tool for creating a white background profile picture for your CV or LinkedIn profile.

See for yourself

Get creative!

Once you have a clean cut-out, you can start by simply creating a transparent background Facebook profile picture with no distractions.

But don’t stop there. Let your imagination run wild! Make sophisticated designs and professional graphics for everything: postcards, invitations, posters, digital art and design, or product photos on eBay and Craigslist. is guaranteed to make your photo stand out.

They love us. You will too.

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