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Use the background remover software for Windows, Mac & Linux to remove image backgrounds in bulk in seconds. Whether you are creating product photos for e-commerce websites, car images for dealerships, portraits - and more - the desktop app is the fastest tool on the market to remove backgrounds, providing high-quality results even for some of the trickiest bits, such as hair. 

Benefits of using the background eraser for PC

Our background eraser for PC is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux and is ready for you to download right away.

Here's what the desktop app can do for you straight away:

  • Stunning results - using the latest trends in AI technology, our algorithms are trained to handle even the most challenging elements in a photo - such as hair - exceptionally well.

  • Speed - our background remover will cut out backgrounds in seconds.

  • Unlimited capability - looking to remove large amounts of backgrounds, but worried it might take forever? With our desktop app, you can drag & drop unlimited files in bulk & count on it to get the job done in the blink of an eye.

  • Assets made to fit your needs - with our background eraser for PC, you can easily customize your work: define once, then apply to all files. Choose a transparent or colored background, a small or large image size, and your preferences can automatically apply to all files.

The background remover software for Windows, Mac, and Linux, offers full control over your work. Next time, you're looking for a background eraser app for Mac or other operating systems, you know where to go.

How to use the background remover software for PC

Here's how you can start right away and get the job done in minutes:

  1. Sign up to to create a Kaleido account.

  2. Download the background remover software for PC to your device.

  3. After installation, enter your API key into the app.

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